Ticketing And Reservations

  • I lost my confirmation or was unable to print it out. What do I do?
  • Can I make a ticket purchase for another person, or have someone else pick it up at the ticket office?
  • Does an advance ticket purchase guarantee me a seat on the train?
  • Does an advance ticket purchase guarantee me a seat on a particular rail car?
I Lost My Confirmation Or Was Unable To Print It Out. What Do I Do?

If you made your purchase through our ticket office, we have a record of it under your name on the train manifest. Simply show proper identification to the ticket clerk, and you will be given your tickets.

Can I Make A Ticket Purchase For Another Person, Or Have Someone Else Pick It Up At The Ticket Office?

Yes, just make your purchase as normal and give the reservationist the name of the person’s name picking up the tickets. Then give the confirmation number to the individual picking up the tickets. Our ticket agents will check the manifest, and distribute the tickets.

Does An Advance Ticket Purchase Guarantee Me A Seat On The Train?

Advance ticket purchases are good until ten (10) minutes before the departure time of the train you have booked. As long as you arrive at the Ticket Office to pick up your tickets by then, you should have no problem getting aboard.

Does An Advance Ticket Purchase Guarantee Me A Seat On A Particular Rail Car?

Seating preference is first come first serve. If you have a preference for being seated in a particular rail car, please ensure you arrive early enough to be in line when loading begins.

Riding The Train, Equipment

  • How long is the train ride?
  • Where does the train go?
  • Is the train air-conditioned/heated?
  • Are all of the cars “open” cars?
  • Do you have handicap access to board the train?
  • Is food available on the train?
  • Is there a toilet on the train?
  • Are tickets for round-trip? If not, how do we get back to our vehicle?
  • I’d like to know more about the locomotive pulling the train- is there a page for that?


How Long Is The Train Ride?

The total round trip riding time on the train lasts about one and a half hours under normal circumstances.

Where Does The Train Go?

The train leaves from our depot in Stearns for a trip into the gorge of the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Trips during April – October make a stopover at Blue Heron Mining Camp, a National Park interpretive site. The layover is an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. During November the trip is a train ride only into the gorge and back. The Run to the Gorge is approximately one and a half hours.

Is The Train Air-Conditioned/Heated?

None of the cars on the train are air-conditioned. During the colder months, and especially for our Polar Express trains, all cars are heated.

Are All Of The Cars “Open” Cars?

We have two enclosed cars with heat. The remaining excursion cars have roofs and sides, but no glass in the windows (“open air”) to allow everyone the opportunity to view the scenery along the route.

Do You Have Handicap Access To Board The Train?

Yes, the board platform is level with the excursion cars to easily accommodate anyone with special needs. Please arrive early for your scheduled departure so that we can plan to assist you.

Is Food Available On The Train?

Food is available at the depot, from a variety of concessionaires. There is NO FOOD AVAILABLE  at our halfway point of Blue Heron, which is managed by the National Park Service.

Are There Restrooms On The Train?

There is a restroom on the train. Restrooms are also provided at the Stearns Depot and Blue Heron Coal Mining Camp during your trip.

Are Tickets For Round-Trip? If Not, How Do We Get Back To Our Vehicle?

All tickets and reservations are sold on a Round Trip basis, returning you to the starting point after the ride.

I’d like to know more about the locomotive pulling the train- is there a page for that?

There certainly is! Check out our Equipment Roster page for photos and information.

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